Have you met Ed, The Apprentice?

Finely Tuned Ride NEW Apprentice!

If you’ve popped into the workshop recently you may have noticed a new face; FTR would like to introduce Ed, FTR’s first ever apprentice. Ed has been riding and tinkering with bikes for a number of years but now he will be learning how to take that tinkering to the next level. Ed started back in June and is working towards his CyTech Level 2 qualification. Also with FTR Owner Rob, having over 23 years of cycling experience, Ed has a lot to learn!

With youth unemployment a hot topic in the news, FTR is pleased to be able to contribute to reducing youth unemployment in the local area as well as equipping Ed with a formally recognised qualification for the future. Ed has been a big help already in the ever increasingly busy workshop helping to bring down bike turn around times and late evenings at the workshop!

Cytech Apprentice

BikeBiz Awards 2014

BikeBiz Awards 2014


Just found out FTR is a finalist in the BikeBiz Awards 2014 Workshop Service category. Just to be put forward/nominated is great BUT to be on the same BikeBiz Awards list as some of the big names in the cycle industry is on a whole different level.

So a BIG thank you to all FTR customers and even more so to the very kind customers who nominated FTR to BikeBiz Awards 2014, has made the last 4 1/2 years of hard work & working late fixing bikes so worth while.

Thank You.

More info of category’s and finalists go to BikeBiz website


Kinesis Bikes now available from FTR

Finely Tuned Ride is pleased to announce a new addition to the bike brands we sell. Designed in the UK for those oh so special UK riding conditions, Kinesis Bikes UK have offerings for most cycling disciplines. From the Racelight, a versatile option for the road, to the Crosslight, where you can do it all from cyclo-cross racing to commuting, or the full off-road option in the Maxlight MTB. The ability to buy either frame only or a full bike (with prices starting at £849.99) means you have the option of deciding what’s best for your budget and for your needs.

In order to celebrate the arrival of Kinesis Bikes to the FTR stable, if you order a frame or bike in July then we will give you 12% off. All you have to do is ‘Like’ the FTR Facebook page and quote ‘Kinesis Bikes UK’ when you order. Then just leave the rest to us.

UPDATE First Kinesis delivery has arrived!

Kinesis Road frameShiny Ti


Tour De France Sale

FTR is celebrating the start of the Tour de France by having a “ Tour de France Sale ”
10% off all stock items and bike services
15% off pre order Evoc items.
All you have to do is like Finely tuned Ride facebook page and quote “Le Tour” to get your discount.

Cotic Soul for Sale

Finely Tuned Ride has their Demo Cotic Soul for sale.

Quick Overview; Large Cotic Soul, SLX groupset, XT Brakes, X Fusion Velvets DLA 140mm (travel Adjust) Hope/Stans Arch wheelset.

Cotic Soul for sale is a mix of Used and BRAND NEW PARTS, the LARGE frame in bright green was built up in 02/13 and been very well looked after with frame tape and other protection measures put in place. The bike/frame also comes with warranty and service back up, to give you piece of mind. (subject to T&C)

This custom built Cotic Soul for sale has MANY BRAND NEW PARTS, (full details below) these new parts are the complete new SLX 10 speed drive-train, XT hydraulic brakes and Brand new XLC finishing kit. The used parts are the Frame, Forks, Wheel/tyres. Full bike Retails for over £2300, You can by the Complete bike for £1850

Best Thing about this Cotic for sale is that you can buy it as a complete bike or frame only and anything in-between.

There is only one small area of cable rub and only a few very small paint chips. but it is in very good condition for a used frame.

For more details and warranty details ring Finely Tuned Ride 07810 300367


Make Model RRP Notes
Frame Cotic Soul £499.00
Forks X fusion v DLA £444.99
Headset Hope £64.00
Grips Hope grips £25.00 New
Shifters Shimano SLX 10spd £54.99 New
Bottom B Shimano SLX £22.90 New
Cranks Shimano SLX 38/24 £119.99 New
Chain Shimano SLX £19.99 New
Front Mech Shimano SLX £24.99 New
Rear Mech Shimano SLX £54.99 New
Cassette Shimano SLX 11/36 £36.99 New
Cables Shimano New
Brakes Shimano xt £179.98 New Brake kit
Discs Shimano xt ICE £66.98 New
Adaptors Shimano £19.98 New
Bars XLC riser £33.99 New kit stem,bars,post, saddle
Stem XLC £36.49 New
Seat Post XLC £42.49 New
Seat XLC £33.99 New
F Wheel Hope Arch £140.00 Red Hubs
R Wheel Hope Arch £240.00  Red Hubs
Tyre Front conti Mtn King £49.99  Black Chilli
Tyre Rear bonti £30.00
Inner tubes n/a
Tubeless stans £35.00
QR Hope rear £17.50
Invisiframe cranks £12.99
 Total RRP £2,307.21
1,850.00 Complete Bike sale price All options come with warranty & service back up
380.00 Frame only
430.00 Frame & headset
800.00 Frame, headset, + forks

Quick FTR update from May

Wow what a busy time in the last 4/5 weeks, May for FTR have been so busy in the workshop & supporting events it flew by.  So thank you, to all new and regular FTR customers in making it a great one.

So here is recap in pics, as they say a picture worth a thousand words!


FTR still have the medium and large 29″ Solaris till the 1st of May so there is still time to demo/test ride the bikes, ring 07810 300 367 to book.








Has the ‘what wheel size’ conundrum driven you around the bend, leaving you not knowing what bike to order? Wouldn’t it be great if you could go somewhere and try all the sizes out? Well, now you can!

Finely Tuned Ride will have a small Cotic demo fleet available for you to try at Erlestoke12 for that very purpose. In the 26 and 27.5 corner you will find Souls to try, and in the 29 corner Solaris’ (or is that Solarii?). The breakdown of bikes and sizes to try is as follows:


Soul 26 Large
Soul 27.5 Large
Solaris Medium & Large

There will also be a Small Soul 26 and Extra Small BFe available to look at and try for size.

Non Erlestoke12 competitor Cotic Demo times are, 0930 and 1045 please book to reserve bike and size, Competitors can book a est time they like to demo the bike on the day.

If there is more demand extra times can be added.

If you would like to take one of the Cotic demo bikes out for a spin then you will need to ensure that you have photographic ID and proof of address (driving licence would be ideal). Please bring your own pedals (or bike and we swap them over) and don’t forget a helmet!


For more details or to book a bike for demo, email info@finelytunedride.co.uk or ring 07810 300 367.


After another busy week in the Shop fixing and custom building bikes in time to be ridden for Bank holiday weekend, FTR have uploaded some pics from the Welsh Cycling trip to 2014 Energiewacht Junior woman Tour, (FTR supplied race mechanic) over on FTR facebook.

FTR Opening Times Over Easter/April

Finely Tuned Ride not only supplies cycle maintenance, custom builds, Bikes, Frames, parts and accessories to cyclists in  Wiltshire and beyond, FTR also supplies race mechanics to top UK teams and riders.

So to help you plan and make the most of getting out and riding you bike with the nice weather that is said to be coming, below is details of wants happening at FTR. Also there is a staff training day to keep FTR knowledge and skills up to date and to the high standards that FTR is known for.

FTR for the 3rd year running is supporting and providing race mechanic to Welsh Cycling Junior teams in 2014 and the first 2 trips are in April with the Junior woman’s team. The first one is the De  Energiewacht Tour and then the Omloop Van Borsele both in the Netherlands.

De  Energiewacht Tour Stage 1 2013

Below is the open times of Finely Tuned Ride Retail shop and workshop. The workshop has been very busy lately, with preparing sold bikes, custom builds, Suspension Pivot bearings replacement, general maintenance, repairs and servicing,  so it be wise to ring/email to book you bike in advance.





Also check the calender for events that FTR are doing this year. But please note that FTR will do it’s best to do any EMERGENCY repairs on the bike to get you riding ASAP.

9th April, Closed. Welsh Cycling De  Energiewacht Tour

10th April, Closed. Welsh Cycling De  Energiewacht Tour

11th April Closed. Welsh Cycling De  Energiewacht Tour

12th April Closed. Welsh Cycling De  Energiewacht Tour

13th April Closed. Welsh Cycling De  Energiewacht Tour

14th April Closed. Product Testing (Day off riding the bike in Wales!)

15th April Closed. Staff Training, Advance Bike fitting Course.

16th April Open

17th April Open

18th April Open 0930 to 12.30

19th April Open 0930 to 12.30

20th Closed

21st Closed

22nd Open

23rd Open

24th Closed. Welsh Cycling  Omloop Van Borsele

25th Closed. Welsh Cycling  Omloop Van Borsele

26th Closed. Welsh Cycling  Omloop Van Borsele

27th Closed. Welsh Cycling  Omloop Van Borsele

28th Closed. Welsh Cycling  Omloop Van Borsele


Invisiframe products are in!

Also Just in is a great product from INVISIFRAME to keep you bike/frame/cranks/forks in best condition and protecting your pride and joy from unwanted scratches and rubs.

Invisiframe kits

The Invisiframe vinyl is a premium quality automotive vinyl, which has been developed to protect car paint from stone chip and abrasion damage. We can’t promise to protect your frame from major damage but the protection kit will protect and minimise general trail wear, scuffs, abrasions, stone chips, storage and transportation mishaps keeping your steed looking newer for longer.

The vinyl will help keep your bicycle paint work looking brand new under the protection. The gloss vinyl can be polished adding to its longevity and in turn keeping you bike looking good. So this means that all of those annoying little scratches crated from muddy trails can be polished out!

The best thing is that when you buy a frame through FTR you get a pack of the Invisiframe clear dots kit for free, to help keep you new frame finish free from cable rub. Or if you have a custom build from FTR it will include a free Invisiframe frame kit and fitting to give the ultimate protection for your bike.


More info and vid from Cotic

We have a couple of new frames to tell you about: The new Escapade and Roadrat3. Escapade is a new drop bar frame to replace the X. It takes all of the great features of the Roadrat and the X, along with some improvements and combines them all into a tough, fun, fast road bike. The Roadrat3 takes the proven geometry of the previous versions and adds the new features from the Escapade; the stiffer tubeset, the bolt thru fork, the clean disc only design.

Link To New Vid

A few years ago one of us coined the phrase Life Bike as a kind of shorthand tongue-in-cheek name for that workhorse that does a bit of everything. Your going to work bike, your going to the shops bike, your getting away from it all bike. It may sound a little cheesy, but that’s exactly what the Escapade and the Roadrat represent for us, and hopefully for you too. Tyres big and floaty or small and fast. Derailleur gears, hub gears, single gear. Mudguards, panniers, bottle cages. Strip it all down and speed into the City. Load up and head off into the hills, just like these guys in the video.

There’s detailed information and photo galleries in the following places:


The Escapade available in Black Grape (as seen in the video) and duck egg, with the Roadrat3 continuing in duck egg as well, but introducing dark olive as the alternative colour. We’ll get some pics of the olive next week when they arrive, but it’s a lovely understated colour. Unfortunately we got sent the duck egg Roadrat3 for photos so haven’t got studio shots sorted just yet, but we’ve had it on a test mountain bike frame that we’ve been riding this winter and it’s lovely.

Framesets are available to order now. They start at just £249 for the frame only, £329 with the RB3 bolt thru fork, or £299 with the RB2 open dropout v/disc fork.

Bikes and rolling chassis will follow in a couple of weeks once we’ve had the bolt thru wheelsets built to suit. The bolt thru wheelset will be £175, the Escapade bike in the video is £949, The RoadRat Alfine bike in the video is £969.

They’re a lot of fun these bikes; we hope you like them.

Cotic Escapade and Roadrat3

Cotic have a couple of new frames coming next week. The new Cotic Escapade and Roadrat3. Escapade is a new drop bar frame to replace the X. It takes all of the great features of the Roadrat and the X, along with some improvements and combines them all into a tough, fun, fast road bike that take disc brakes!

Cotic Escapade is longer top tubed and steeper angled than the X which makes it better on the road, whilst still retaining the massive tyre clearances and superb versatility our road frames are well known for. Frames size use traditional road 54cm, 56cm and 58cm top tube lengths for easy fitting on the majority of riders.

Cotic Escapade & Roadrat3

Cotic Escapade

For more info on the Cotic Escapade and Roadrat3 go to Cotic News page.

Datatags are IN!

Datatag is simple but utilizes state of the art identification technologies to permanently mark and protect your Bike. Datatag makes your bike and property identifiable to the Police in such a way that is virtually impossible for a thief to defeat therefore, the risk involved in stealing this marked property becomes high to the criminals who tend to avoid stealing the property in the first place.

Prices are from £24.99