Bike fit at Finely Tuned Ride

If you’ve never had a professional bike fit, you are in for a treat. It really is the easiest way to revolutionise your ride, without the expense of a new bike!

What is a bike fit?

in it’s simplest terms it’s the synchronisation of rider and bicycle to achieve the most comfortable, effective and safest riding position possible. Even a good basic bike fit can completely change your riding experience for the better. Often those niggling aches and pains in your knees, back, shoulders or hands can be eliminated completely or at least reduced by having your bike fit assessed and adjusted.

What does a bike fit consist of?

At Finely Tuned Ride, our bike fit consists of two key stages. The first stage is to take a number of body measurements, which are entered into our computer program which then gives us an indication of optimum measurements, including saddle height, frame size, top tube and stem length. This is not a full bike fit, but does give us a good base to work from and can be very useful to help you select the right frame or bike size.

The second stage is consultation. This is where we talk about your current set up and any issues that you are experiencing. To help with our analysis, we’ll get you and your bike on the turbo to see what’s happening when you ride.

The bike fit starts from the bottom up, so your feet are the first element we will look at. Your foot position, especially if you ride with cleats, can have a negative or positive impact on your ride, and is often responsible for niggling knee, foot or even hip pain. Once we’ve looked at your foot position, we work our way through the rest of your body, paying particular attention to contact points such as your saddle, and handlebars. Our adjustable bike fitting stem lets you experience riding with different stem lengths and angles, reducing costly trial and error!

What it doesn’t cover…

We get masses of great feedback following our bike fits. While many minor issues can be solved, clearly it’s not a cure for riders with ongoing, underlying injuries. Also, rider really serious about racing, may be better going to a more specialist provider if their aim is to maximise their aero position to power output. But we’ve found that the majority of pleasure and club riders, do notice improvements in comfort following our assessment and bike fit.

If we think that there’s more going on than simply an ineffective bike set up, whether it’s an undiagnosed injury or muscle imbalance, we will let you know, and are happy to signpost you the most appropriate expert to explore the issue further.

What does it cost?

We charge £45 per hour and the full fit normally takes between one and two hours. Bike fits are free of charge with every bike bought or built by Finely Tuned Ride.

Give us a call on 07810 300367 to discuss your bike fit further or to make an appointment.