Bike Fit at Finely Tuned Ride

Bike fitting stem
Bike Fitting Stem

So what is a bike fit?  In simple terms it is the synchronisation of rider and bicycle to achieve the safest, most comfortable riding position possible.  Even a good basic bike fit can completely change your cycling experience, often relieving the most common aches and pains in the knees, back, shoulders and hands.

Finely Tuned Ride’s bike fit is made up of two main parts: first we take half a dozen or so body measurements and enter them into a computer programme which provides us with measurements of saddle height, frame size, top tube length and stem length.  This is not a bike fit, but bike sizing and whilst it’s a good system in helping to selecting the right frame and bike size, it does not constitute a full bike fit.

At Finely Tuned Ride, following a consultation about your current set up, where you have the chance to talk about any issues you feel your having, we get you and your bike set up on the turbo.  The fit starts with the feet, as the position of your cleats can affect the whole of your riding style for better or worse.  From here we work our way through the rest of the bike and our adjustable bike fitting stem helps you to feel the difference of stem length and angle.

Although we get great feedback from riders who have had our fit, it is not a cure for those with underlying, or ongoing injury and may not be suitable for serious riders, keen to find the best aero position to power output. However for the majority of riders our bike fit should fit the bill.

Prices are £45 per hour and normally takes 1 to 2 hours. Bike fits are free with every bike bought from Finely Tuned Ride.

Please call 07810 300 367 to make a appointment for a bike fit.

Also if FTR thinks there is more going on than just a bad bike set, be it an underlying injury or muscle imbalance, we will say, and advise you, signposting you to the most appropriate expert to help fix the issue.

FTR would just like to say, where ever you go for a bike fit, make sure the bike fitter sees you ride the bike (you & your bike on a turbo or even adjustable bike jig) and not just take some body measurements input them in to a PC and that’s your bike fit! (We call that bike sizing not a bike fit).

Nice review from Gary “Finally, after 7 months of trying and 1 session with Rob on a bike fit I have a bike I can ride a long distance comfortably on. Outstanding!” 


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