Custom builds

At Finely Tuned Ride, we specialise in custom built bikes and wheelsets, where every last detail is designed to your exact specification. You have total control over your dream build, and never have to compromise.

We supply frames for the road, track, trail or mountain by Hope and Kinesis. Of course, we’re more than happy to build your bike, using a different frame, if that’s what your require.

Don’t compromise…

If what you’d like is not readily available in the shops, don’t compromise, come and have a chat with us instead. We can bring your dream build to life, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth (although it can if you want it to!).

The beauty of building your own bike, extends beyond simply aesthetics. It means you never have to settle for stock builds, or spend your time altering components to suit you style after buying a ready built bike. We will design your weapon to suit you perfectly, whether that’s stem length, saddle, gearing, wheel set, suspension or the stoppers of your choice, you never have to settle for second best!

If you need advice about selecting the correct frame size, or would like some help choosing components that will work for you, we’re happy to help. You will get a free bike fit too, once your build is complete.