Cycle Maintenance Courses

Bike maintenance courses

From basic beginner to advanced, our cycle maintenance courses can be tailored to meet your requirements.

You’ll probably be taught by Rob himself, and the courses are based on the Park Tools School Programme plus a few extras that Rob has picked up from many years cycling, working as a race mechanic as well as an aircraft engineer.

Most cycle maintenance courses require The Park Big Blue Book of Bike Repairs (which is included in the price) as it is easy to use, follow, full of pictures and is a great reference from the basic jobs up to the advanced level mechanic.

The cycle maintenance courses are not used to service the bike but to learn the required skills, so you can practice and carry out work at home saving money in the long term. There is lots to learn as well as many subjects to cover and training is delivered as a mix of lectures, demos and some hand on skills. The intermediate and advanced courses are the most hands on.

Students are encouraged to bring their own bike and any cycle tools that they might have. (Use of tools and bike stands are provided for course). This enables Rob to tailor the information to your own bike and advise on any future tools you might need post course.

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To find out more or to make a booking, please email us at with a brief description of what you wish to cover and which course you area interested in.

Maintenance courses from the Park Tool School Programme.


Below are some very kind words from a customer who completed  a 1-to-1 cycle maintenance course, that covered some basic checks/repairs/adjustments to some more advance repairs to keep their bikes running smoothly.“Rob is one of the most knowledgeable, calm, friendly and helpful tradesmen I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He came over to our house for the day to service three bikes we will be taking on a ride to Spain and I asked him to spend the day with me so I could learn about doing the various repairs during our trip. He explained everything in a very clear and concise way without using lots of technical jargon and he very rapidly got my bike running smoothly again. He is very reasonable in all aspects of his business and I could not recommend him more highly.”