Exposure Lights

First batch of EXPOSURE LIGHTS have arrived and FTR is very excited as it includes a DEMO box, that not only have the new REFLEX & TAP technology lights but some really nice COMMUTER LIGHTS as well. So you can try before you buy or even hire for night events/rides.

Exposure lights are really great Lights, that Finley Tuned Ride staff have been using for over 5 years, Made In the UK, very reliable, cable free and 2015 lights are even better with great technology. and even more add ons and accessories make them very versatile lights.

The Cable free design is the primary design feature of Exposure Lights, Cable Free Design removes the hassle of cables, straps and battery packs rubbing the paint off the frame! Exposure Lights utilising the superb range of brackets for speedy, rock solid attachment.

New Exposure lights Technology

Tap Activated Power (TAP) – Feature of Diablo and Axis.Exposure Lights continue to introduce new ideas and technology to improve functionality and enhance the experience of night riding. TAP enables the Diablo Mk7 and Axis Mk2 helmet lights to recognise a tap which instantly changes mode. No need to find a button, just tap the light which is great when wearing bulky winter gloves!
OLED Status Display (OSD) – Six Pack, MaXx-D, Toro, Strada & Race.The new crystal clear OSD provides program, mode and burntime countdown (pat. pend.) information to keep you fully informed so you can ride in full confidence. So no second guessing on how long you got before it goes dark! When charging, the OSD displays the percentage of stored energy in the cells so you know how long it is before you can ride again. 
Capacitive Switching – Six Pack, MaXx-D, Toro, Strada & Race.This innovation transforms the backcap into the function button simplifying mode changing and program setting. Again great in bulky winter gloves


Exposure lights Range Changes

  • Reflex Technology – The Reflex light leaves the range but passes on its legacy of Reflex Technology which spreads throughout the MTB bar light range. The light adapting technology has been a huge success and is now a key feature in unlocking power and preserving battery life. Available in Six Pack, MaXx-D, Toro & Race.
  • Big output increase – The Exposure light range upgrades to XML, introducing XML LEDs enables output to increase and efficiency to improve. It makes ITM (Intelligent Thermal Management) an even more important part of the story. Topping the range the Six Pack now rises to 3000 lumens.
  • The Revo now has a QR15 hub option in response to the demand from off-road adventure riders. 
  • Flash Flare Pack now comes with USB charger replacing the previous wall charger. It is also in wall hanging packaging.
Exposure Lights