Shimano ST-RS685


The Shimano ST-RS685 road Hydraulic STI 11 speed Brake/Shifter Set are Precision-engineered STI levers for road bikes with hydraulic disc brakes that offer powerful braking and effortless 11-speed shifting.


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Features are of shimano ST-RS685

  • Precision-engineered ST-RS685 STI levers for hydraulic disc brakes offer powerful braking and effortless 11-speed shifting
  • Polymer coated shift cables are routed under the bar tape
  • Vivid indexing provides a constant amount of shift lever force across all 11 sprockets
  • Ergonomic short shift arc follows natural hand movement
  • ST-RS685 Hydraulic brake lever provides powerful, controllable and consistent stopping power with less effort especially from the hood position
  • Hydraulic reservoir tank provides pad to rotor clearance auto-adjust maintaining braking performance during pad wear
  • Kit includes ST-R685 STI, BR-RS785 brake callipers with pads, hoses, and mineral oil (without rotors or adapters) (need fitting and bleeding)
  • 10 mm reach and free stroke adjustment enable custom feel and fitment for all hands
  • Easy bleed and clean hydraulic system, for use with Shimano mineral oil only



Shimano ST-RS685
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