Fancy a ride with some like minded others? Try some of the following clubs:
Below are some links you may find interesting if you’re into riding/racing and skills:
  • XC Racer website, THE website for information on cross country/marathon events happening in the UK.
  • British Cycling, GB’s National Cycling Federation.
  • SKY RIDE, free organised rides for all the family
  • Breeze Rides, free women only organised rides.
  • Twentyfour12, the most chilled out combined 12 and 24hr MTB races.
  • Joolze Dymond, friendly events photographer usually found lying in a ditch.
  • MIAS, Mountain Bike Instructor Award Scheme.
Looking for something specialist then look no further:
Protect your pride and joy whilst maximising your chances of seeing your bike again if disaster strikes:
If you happen to be outside the FTR area, here are a few people/places that may be able to help you with any bike issues: