Fox iRD Firmware

Finely Tuned Ride is also delighted to be able to offer you a Fox iRD firmware updates, trouble shooting, custom and upgrade service on the programming of your Fox iRD system.  The iRD firmware upgrade requires the use of official iRD firmware equipment to change software settings etc. within the iRD firmware setup and takes around an hour to complete.

Custom iRD firmware upgrades can include:

  • Customization of the remote switch function
  • Provides access to diagnostic tools
  • Switch operation counting
  • Firmware updates
  • Trouble shooting

FTR is offering Fox iRD firmware or custom upgrade services from just £25, or for customers who purchased  Di2 set-up from FTR it’s only £15.

If you want to know more, drop into the shop or call 07810 300 367 and speak to Rob, our Fox iRD expert.

Or go to Fox iRD page