Scott & Kinesis Bike Builds

Finely Tuned Ride love building bikes using Kinesis and Scott frames.

Award winning frames by Kinesis cover all types of riding from the  MTB FF29, road race Aithein frame, training bikes, a Cyclo-cross disc only Pro6 and the lovely Tripster ATR Ti frame.

We will talk you through parts and set-up to help you chose the best build for your preferred discipline and type of riding.

The best thing about a custom build is that you can get the bike specification right first time, and colour co-ordinate it too! InvisiFrame clear dots are also included free with any frame bought from Finely Tuned Ride or custom bike build.

If you spend more than £1000 on frame/parts you will receive a FREE custom bike build maintenance course. This covers frame preparation, building the bike, correct tools and set up so that you can have the extra knowledge required to enable you to look after/service your dream, custom built bike.